Postgraduate Certificate Computer-Assisted Language Mediation


The CALM postgraduate programme prepares students for a career in the language, translation and communication industry. Translation memory systems, terminology and data mining tools, speech recognition and machine translation are omnipresent in today’s professional translation environments. Language and communication professionals increasingly rely on workflow and content management systems, authoring tools and desktop publishing software. Creating web pages and maintaining social media channels have become part of their fundamental skill set. As technology in learning and teaching becomes standard, language learning is supported by digital resources and communication technology applications.

The CALM postgraduate course focuses on the technological skills and tools that are required in today’s information society. It thus complements language and communication degrees such as Masters in Translation, Interpreting, Multilingual Communication, Languages and Literature, Journalism Studies, Communication Studies etc.

A close collaboration with companies is an integral part of the programme. Students get the opportunity to have a real-world connection by attending the guest lectures given by a number of strategic collaborative partners. In the three-month work placement students gain relevant work experience and can put the acquired technological skills into practice.

Programma onder voorbehoud

The CALM postgraduate course is a one-year academic programme consisting of 60 credits.

Students select 8 modules (of 5 credits each) out of 12 modules offered, depending on their interests. The modules are complemented by a 3-month work placement with a company in the language, translation or communication industry.

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Postgraduate Certificate Computer-Assisted Language Mediation


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